10 tips for winning in sports betting

Our academy gives you 10 sports betting tips to start or improve your skills. Of course, it is impossible to give you the magic recipe to win every time but these 10 sports betting tips will help you see a little more clearly.

Understand the principle of value of a bet

Very important, it is the basis of everything. Of course, you know that a favorite with a 1.20 odds will certainly win, but does that mean that this odds have value? Not necessarily.

Quite often you’ll hear a bettor say, “there’s no way this team is going to lose this game”. In fact it would just be legitimate for a favorite to win, but is the probability of that team winning greater than the odds offered? Playing with this mindset can be dangerous! It’s a bit like saying that a state-of-the-art flat screen TV is a great opportunity even if it’s expensive, just because you really want it. It doesn’t work like that with betting. Alas!

Value is a concept that most bettors don’t understand or take into account. Because bettors don’t pay attention to this detail, it’s lucky for others who may have very good opportunities by studying this parameter.

Learn more about odds

If you’ve ever uttered the following sentence: “I’m not cut out for math… “then you’re probably not cut out for betting either. When most bettors are successful only because of the feeling of a bet, long-term success can only be explained by a defined strategy of your bets and an understanding of the odds in terms of probability.

In short, it’s a numbers game and you need at least to be comfortable with divisions and multiplications.

Understanding how bookmakers offer odds

It depends on the popularity of an event, but in general, bookmakers’ odds are a reflection of the bettors’ tendency more than the odds of an outcome. Of course it’s not as simple as that, but to make it simple, bookmakers offer odds based on the attractiveness of the public so that you are tempted to play for each team and to get a commission.

That said, smart bettors do manage to find value in the bets when other players are wrong. It also means that very good value can be found in an event that is very popular for casual bettors, who know little or nothing about experienced betting strategy. Events such as the SuperBowl, cup finals or a popular horse race can be this kind of event.

Falling in love with the ugly duckling

As long as you play, you will love the Ugly Duckling more and more, this team that everyone hates, but not you! It’s often good to bet on the team you point the finger at as the worst. The more people will pick on a team, the more valuable that team is. For example, if a team has had very good results but is still on a 4 or 5 loss streak, the public will generally despise that team, and the value of that team will simply increase.

Don’t dwell on the past, live in the present.

Don’t let a recent loss ruin your game. Keep it in mind, we always learn from our mistakes, but also tell yourself that the wheel is spinning and be positive after each failure. Likewise, don’t celebrate a victory for too long and don’t ride the wave of euphoria for a long time. Stay focused with your analysis and keep your plans in mind.

Don’t expect to hit the jackpot

Combination betting, multiple bets, whatever you call them, you need to know when to play and when to stop. Of course, they promise you the jackpot, a bundle of money if you win your bets, but if you’ve done your analysis and detected the elements of value, it’s still a dangerous way to bet.

Only if you have spotted value in all 4 bets, then the handset can be a great way to make money and profit by multiplying the values between them. The problem remains to detect the real values. Anyone who adds one more bet to a handset does so because they think they have found value. No one plays a worthless odds. The solution to playing the handset is to find the real value, otherwise you simply ruin your chances of success in your multiple bet.

Long-term sensitivity

That it would be good to get rich very quickly. But you have to stop dreaming. Think long term, see things over a very long period of time. Build your bankroll little by little and be patient. Your bankroll will grow slowly after each bet and you will realize that you start to have a little bit of pocket money and in the long run maybe, you’ll enjoy it, who knows?

A reasonable bankroll

If you want to make money, then you must have a bankroll that allows you to take on the first losses. Consider that you bet in units. If you bet 1 unit per bet, we recommend that you have at least 50 units in your account. Minimum.

Of course the most difficult part is to keep the 5% return and also to keep this regularity as long as possible. But the idea here is to show how a bankroll can evolve quickly by becoming a source of generous profit in the long run thanks to your betting strategy.

No need to make a match interesting

We’ve all heard it before: “oh, I often bet to make the game interesting”. That’s normal, but in this case, don’t expect to be a winner in the long run.

If you want to make a competition or match interesting, join a virtual league on the internet or join a sports betting competition where you don’t play for real money.

Ability to believe in all divine forms

Yes, it can help, even if it’s difficult.

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