Will Online Players Return to Casino Establishments?

The COVID-19 pandemic has seriously impacted the gambling industry internationally. This led to the closure of casinos, lottery and gambling establishments. Sports events on which bets have been placed have also been suspended. In many countries around the world, most casinos have ceased operations. 

  • In Singapore, Finland, Spain, Italy, Brazil, Argentina, and China, lottery companies have simply suspended draws. 
  • In New Zealand, South Africa, and Greece, their retail outlets were completely closed. 
  • Bingo halls and betting offices were also forced to close, for example, this happened in the UK. 
  • In Canada, the USA, Australia, and some countries of the European Union, the games of professional sports leagues have been suspended. 
  • In Russia, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, and New Zealand hippodromes were closed.
  • In Italy, online and offline betting revenues fell 59.3% in March 2020. 
  • A recent survey in the UK showed that revenues for most gambling operators were down at least 50% from last year. 
  • In Macau, a casino closure for just 15 days resulted in an 88% drop in revenue.

Due to the worldwide quarantine, players of land-based casinos, gambling halls, and bookmakers began to switch to online gambling. Operators did the same – in response to the closure of many gambling establishments, they began to switch to digital technologies. Online gambling platforms are a good alternative featuring today’s situation. Playing on https://spiniacasino.biz/ may be a good example of a website offering thousands of games, mobile access, generous bonuses, and many other great features.

For example, Rhode Island recently joined eight other US states to officially allow online lotteries. Other countries have expanded their online gambling offerings. In Norway, bingo operators have moved their offerings online and exempted players from the usually required personal registration. The drop in revenues was also significantly influenced by the suspension of equestrian and sports leagues. This has greatly affected the situation in Europe, where sports betting is very popular.

Online Casinos Experience an Increase in Revenue

This transition was inevitably accompanied by an increase in income that is associated with online gambling. Online gambling revenue grew by about 13.2% in 2020. This is especially noticeable in the online poker and online casino sectors. In Canada, some operators report that the online casino sector has grown 77% compared to the same period last year. Transaction research was conducted in Australia as well. The survey involved 250,000 Australian consumers. Their spending on online gambling increased by 67%.

In addition to changing the offer of gambling, the gamblers themselves have changed their gambling habits. There is a renewed interest in web platforms in some countries, especially where online gambling is prohibited. For example, in the UK, the online gambling market has grown by about 17%. Players who were already involved in gambling began to gamble longer in one session and spent more money on gambling. The number of registered bets on virtual sports and online poker has also increased compared to 2019, as has the number of gaming sessions per hour.

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