3 tips to make a good soccer prognosis

Winning in sports betting is above all about making good predictions. To make good predictions, feeling is not enough, you need a real method and to know how to analyze the different elements you can find on the game. Find in this article 3 tips that are very important if you bet online.

Make a good prognosis: Analyze the statistics of the 2 teams

When 2 teams are competing against each other, it is very important to analyze the statistics of the team. We will then look at the results of the last games, to see if the team is on a winning streak or, on the contrary, if the team is in a bad situation. The number of goals scored and conceded per game also counts, it will be necessary to know if a team with a great offensive potential, can be stronger than a team that concedes very little for example. Let’s not forget the players present at the game: if the top scorer of a team is absent, we must therefore reduce the capacity of this team to score goals. The same goes for a missing goalkeeper, so the team’s defensive potential is reduced.

Finding THE rating that is the greatest in relation to the risks taken

It is called VALUE. It is simply the gambling option that gives you the best chance of winning in relation to the odds involved. A team rated at 1.15 that has won its last 3 games with 1 goal difference is too big a risk compared to the potential gains. It is therefore essential to analyze all the game options to find the one that allows to have the best value. This prognosis may very well be found in a game option such as goal total or double chance rather than on a match result.

Not playing when everything is risky is also the right way to avoid losing.

A good prognosis is a chosen prognosis and not a default prognosis. The match must be “playable”. A match with too much complexity of analysis or too underestimated odds will never result in a good prognosis. It is important not to absolutely want to bet on a specific match, just because our favorite team is playing or because it is a good match. Example: Liverpool – Manchester city, it’s a very nice match, everyone wants to say that they won by betting on that match. But in reality, it is difficult to make a prognosis with value and therefore guaranteed winnings. This is also true for a PSG-Bordeaux where the odds of the PSG as well as the goals can be really ridiculous, which does not prevent that at 1-0, the 3 points are taken and the job is done.

Conclusion: Not every match contains a good prognosis, there are matches to avoid, but if you manage to evaluate well the statistics of the 2 teams as well as the state of form of the players present and the value of the odds, you have everything to find the right prognosis. If you are looking for a good and reliable soccer prognostic site, you can trust remains a sure value since more than 5 years in the field of sports betting advice.

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